Diamant Drilling Services GeoScan™ programme has been developped as an ‘advanced predictive tool’ using electrical log data to determine the mechanical strength or hardness of the rock. As well as being a predictive tool, GeoScan™ is valuable in post-run analysis when run with accurate drilling parameters from the well.

This rock strength is calculated as the Unconfined Compressive strength (UCS).

The ability to compute hardness of the rock ‘indirectly’ has been demonstrated to be a valuable tool for drilling optimisation. Knowing the well hardness profile has allowed more accurate bit design and selection and the recommendation of appropriate drilling parameters.

We offer the GeoScan™ service to all our prospective customers and post-run partners to help refine the application and improve learning.

The GeoScan™ programme has three main predictive components when presented with the electric log data. GeoScan™ uses the deductive and reiterative process to:

  1. Identify the most probable rock type.
  2. Transform/select the most suitable log data to collect the rock porosity value.
  3. Correlate the porosity and rock strength for each particular type of rock identified.